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Xlpd allows you to centralize all the printing jobs received from remote servers via the LPD protocol and redirect them to the local printer. The tool acts a line printer daemon, which can easily be configured on multiple operating systems with no additional setup on the remote side.
LPD serving a single PC or remote servers
Xlpd is a suitable tool that allows you to gather all the printing jobs sent over to your station via LPD protocol, from other servers. It is a handy program when you need to manage remote requests and redirect them to the local printing devices.
However, Xlpd can also work as a print job manager for your computer, allowing you to schedule prints and handle the queue. It features high flexibility in centralizing information from across multiple servers and can send a notification to your email, when the program is being used. You can preview the files before processing them.
Simple printing organization
Xlpd features several tabs, displayed in its interface, which represent the individual queues. Remote users can send the files to the dedicated queue, which can help the organizing of documents much easier.
You can easily create new queues and set their priorities so that you can manage pending jobs. The configuration window can be accessed from the designated menu or simply by double-clicking the desired tab. You can change the LPD port, setup the logging program, as well as enable the email notification. The program can send out messages, so you only need to save the SMTP address.
Helpful log program
Xlpd features a log function, which automatically generates the activity logs. You can thus view the actions that took place, the exact time, the job ID, queue name and a short message, if available. You may easily filter all the entries, based on the queue name, category, file names or period of usage.









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Xlpd is a handy print job manager and scheduler, which works as a line printer daemon for Linux and Mac OS X computers. It redirects the job requests to the printer, which results in more ease of use for the users.
The program features several functions, which may help you organize the printing process. You can easily set the connection settings, modify the queue priority, set the email notifications and disable their delivery. Xlpd creates the queue for each remote user on your station. You can easily create the queue for a single user or set up the queue with multiple users.
The tool has a number of helpful tabs, which represent the individual queues. You may access the configuration window from the designated menu or simply by double-clicking the desired tab. There you may change the LPD port and setup the logging program. You can also enable the email notification.
You can easily preview the files before processing them and send a notification to your email address, when the program is used. The program is simple to use, requiring no additional setup. You can just download Xlpd and start organizing the printing process. Xlpd is an easy-to-use solution for people, who need to manage the queue of the remote users.
– One-click connection to LPD servers via a wizard
– Set the LPD port
– Enqueue job requests to the printer, also watch the queue status
– Print directly to the queue without using a printer driver
– Easily set the email notification and LPD settings
– Create individual queues
– Sort the queue by user name
– Download the latest changelog

This is a real line printer daemon for Linux, created to save all the printed documents and jobs from the printer to a local printer. It supports more than one remote print server, unlike many other LPD alternatives. It is highly customizable, allowing you to change the configuration according to your needs. It supports many Linux distributions, such as Debian, Ubuntu and Fedora, and also other common Linux packages.
It uses a tray for placing the job requests, which are subsequently processed and saved to a local printer. You can easily find the queue of the document by checking its ID or by setting up a timer for the files you need to process. The program may create an activity log with all the information regarding the jobs, queue changes and more.
In order to work properly, Xlpd needs a printer. The daemon is compatible with more than one L

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Help with the macros designed for the remote printing requests.
File Manager Description:
The program can help with the managing of files on the remote servers.
Interactive Print Description:
This function helps with the saving of the data from a screen capture.

MyPublisher allows you to create and edit HTML pages and print from any Internet browser. It is also possible to send text or PDF files to a printer to create printouts.MyPublisher can be downloaded for free on the website and is compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7, Vista, Windows 8 and other operating systems. The website includes a list of all the supported printers and the specific drivers.
Website-based publishing: the user can create and publish the site on the web without having to install a server.
Printing: it is possible to print a web page, or any document or file directly from any browser on the desktop.
Calendar printing: you can create a calendar based on the last printing events.
Reports: it is possible to create a specific report based on a previous publication.
File management: files can be read and saved with MyPublisher and the program will manage their directory.
MyPublish Pro Features:
Enhanced Editor: the program has been enhanced with various functionalities, such as numbering pages, saving, and printing.
Time management: the timer can be set so that the user can postpone the publication until the day of the week, time of day, etc.
Batch printing: the user can create many print jobs by selecting the pages he wants to print.
Portable Edition: the user can install the program on any computer and run it from any location without using a CD.

Lepad Software Print Server
Print Server is an efficient Windows-based server solution for unified network printing. Print Server is the perfect complement for any printing infrastructure, providing fast, reliable, and reliable printing using simple settings. Print Server is the answer to any printing need and allows centralized management of printing devices in the network. Print Server will assign each job to a printer that is best suited for that task. Print Server provides the fastest way to turn on your printer, make the assignment, print a few documents, then turn the printer off. With Print Server, you can assign a printer to any type of printer device: laser, inkjet, copier, etc. Print Server automatically determines which printer device best fits your printing needs and automatically assigns a printer to print documents from any Windows

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What’s New in the Xlpd?

Print jobs manager that is cross platform compatible with Windows, Linux and BSD. Cross platform compatible means that the application can be installed on any of the aforementioned operating systems and run as a Windows service or a daemon, depending on the chosen OS.
Key features:
LPD server for remote printers
LPD connection status notification via email
Precise print queues management
Print file preview
Multilingual interface
Easy and convenient configuration of the application
Multiple queue management
Print file migration from other applications
Print file chainingQ:

Is there any difference between `to add more` and `to add more items`?


This menu offers three additional items on the order form: Printable invoices, a printable statement of account, and an individual tax return.

Can I say

to add more invoices
to add more items

Are both correct?


You could say:

to add more invoices

meaning to add additional invoices.

to add more items

meaning to add more items to the list of items.
It is also possible to have:

to add more items

meaning to add more items to the list of items.

It all depends on the context.
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How to display AChartEngine value range with rangeType

I’d like to display the date range of two different values. In the rangeType setting, it has RangeType.RANGE_BETWEEN, but I am not able to get the values of yAxis.getAxisValueRange(). The rangeType of yAxis is ACTUAL and the number of data points is 1260.


This is not possible.
See here, there is no method to get y-axis Range of X-axis.
But you can get the y-axis and x-axis ranges separately.
Here is some code to get y-axis and x-axis range.
final XYSeries series = chart.getXYSeries(0);

final int startXValue = series.getXValue(0, NumberFormat.getInstance().getCurrencyInstance());
final int endXValue = series.getXValue(0, NumberFormat.getInstance().getCurrencyInstance());

final NumberAxis xAxis = chart.getXAxis();
final NumberAxis yAxis = chart.getYAxis();

System Requirements:

* The specifications provided below are the minimum system requirements. There are additional requirements for specific content and features included with select editions.
Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks)
Intel Core 2 Duo (2.2GHz) or higher
2 GB graphics card (compatible with Mac OS X 10.9)
NVIDIA GeForce 9400M or ATI Radeon HD 3870
Windows 7 / Windows 8 (64-bit OS)
Intel Core 2 Duo (2.2GHz


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