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There are numerous Chromium-based browsers, due to the speed, intuitive GUI and handy features provided by the engine.
If you are looking for a browser that packs all these things, yet filters out some of the shortcomings of Chromium, you can try SRWare Iron.
Packs all Chromium-based features you need
Just like you would expect from a Chromium-based browser, the GUI is highly intuitive and user-friendly, and you can easily open multiple tabs and access your preferred websites. You can pin the most important tabs so you do not lose sight of them, or you can bookmark them for later review.
You can also enhance the functionality of this application with Chromium-compatible extensions so that it better suits your necessities.
Includes privacy-oriented features
What sets SRWare Iron apart from similar looking browsers is whatever lies under the hood in terms of protecting users' privacy. These would be used to send various types of information to Google servers and most users are not aware of this practice, so they do not go the extra mile to disable them.
More specifically, several functions that were typically enabled in Chromium are missing from this browser: Alternate Error Pages, Error Reporting, RLZ Tracking or URL Tracker.
Additionally, more experienced users can spend some more time to configure extra security settings, such as regularly deleting browsing history or cookies. You need to be careful when it comes to erasing data, as fill in forms and passwords might be removed by accident.
To sum things up
In a nutshell, SRWare Iron combines all the features you have grown to love about the Chromium engine, while also protecting your online privacy along the way. This is especially handy for novices as they lack the technical skills to disable the tracking mechanisms themselves so they are left unprotected.







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SRWare Iron Download With Full Crack is a simple, powerful and feature packed chromium based browser that will suit all your browsing needs. Besides browsing, there are plenty of useful features such as bookmark management, installing extensions, reading pdf documents or add ons, image viewer, password manager etc. SRWare Iron Cracked 2022 Latest Version is the answer to all your browsing needs. Features: 1.5GB System Memory required • Large file support: 500MB / file • YouTube and Flash support • Speed Dial functionality • Bookmark manager • System Wide Update • Password Manager • Secure Download Manager • Google Search Bar • Integrated Google Chrome Bookmark • Google Chrome Nightlies • Get Web Stats • Built-In Keyboard Shortcuts • Plug-ins Manager • Background Tab • Context Menu • On Screen Keyboard • StumbleUpon / Reddit / SaveIt / Twitter / / RSS Reader • Diff • History• Importer • Reader • Print to PDF • Evernote • Password Safe • Cloud supported • Offline Mode • PDF Viewer • Bookmarks • History • Columns • History Limit • Bookmarks Manager • URL Shrink • Bookmark Manager • URL Shrink • Startup Manager • Search Panel • Screen recorder • Quick Cache • Download Manager • Sync • Reader Mode • RSS Feeds • Audio & Video player • Media player • Media search • Digital Clock • Weather • Calculator • Stopwatch • Pointer • Geolocation • Incognito Browsing • Target Visits & QR codes • Advanced Technology: Bypass View-Only Cookie Autodetection • Bypass View-Only Cookie Autodetection • Bypass View-Only Cookie Autodetection • Bypass View-Only Cookie Autodetection • Bypass View-Only Cookie Autodetection • Bypass View-Only Cookie Autodetection • Bypass View-Only Cookie Autodetection • Bypass View-Only Cookie Autodetection • Bypass View-Only Cookie Autodetection • Bypass View-Only Cookie Autodetection • Bypass View-Only Cookie Autodetection • Bypass View-Only Cookie Autodetection • Bypass View-Only Cookie Autodetection • Bypass View-Only Cookie Autodetection • Bypass View-Only Cookie Autodetection • Bypass View-Only Cookie Autodetection • Bypass View-Only Cookie Autodetection • Bypass View-Only Cookie Autodetection • Bypass View-Only Cookie Autodetection

SRWare Iron Crack+ [Win/Mac]

The Google Chromium is a project that is designed to create a free, open-source
web browser that is based on the Blink web engine. It is one of the most
popular open-source browsers, available for multiple platforms. The ultimate
Chromium browser doesn’t just look stunning, it works amazingly well. It
makes navigating the web as seamless as possible.
Download the official Chromium browser

Install Chromium Official browser
Chromium | Official Website

Chromium is a free and open-source software
for Windows, Linux and MacOS which is based on the Blink
web engine.
Download Chrome | Official Website
SRWare Iron | Download Official Site

SRWare Iron is a free and open-source Privacy-centric
Chromium-based web browser for Windows.
It gives you access to a high-quality, fast web browser
with built-in privacy protection, all without breaking your existing
settings or data.

SRWare Iron Key features:

Highly intuitive and user-friendly
Packs all Chromium-based features you need
Includes privacy-oriented features
With the best of Google’s privacy technologies, SRWare
Iron ensures your browser is private and secure.


Disclaimer – i’m not the developer here, and the review is based on trust but i’m interested in hearing your view/advice on which browser ( of choice ) to use.


is a website that you can download from. It’s not an app store like the google play store, but you can download and install it on both mac and windows, it’s always free to download and use, but not to host.
Here’s a screenshot showing all the browsers supported:

For Linux, I’m not sure. I had never used Linux, but I downloaded a link to a.deb package and installed it through the software center on ubuntu. The website suggested that this was the best way to go.
Hope this helps 🙂

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SRWare Iron Crack Free Download

SRWare Iron Features:

Home page and start page
Private mode
Improvements in privacy settings
History and cookie control
Web mail (POP3)
Customizable search

SRWare Iron Security:

Privacy-oriented features are used to provide many useful features without compromising privacy
Registering a search engine engine may reduce some privacy protections

Download and installation
You can download SRWare Iron for Windows, Mac, or Linux. Once the file is downloaded, it is recommended that you move it to the application directory.
If you are a Windows user, you can download the application by clicking on the download link mentioned below. There is no need to uninstall any previous version before installing SRWare Iron.
SRWare Iron Windows Download

SRWare Iron Mac Download

SRWare Iron Linux Download

SRWare Iron Software:

SRWare Iron is a web browser application that provides many features that any chromium browser can have, and does so with an emphasis on privacy. There are several features that have been disabled in order to provide extra privacy protection.
You can learn more about them and also what an SRWare Iron user gets by registering with the search engine.

It’s going to learn of a list of web sites and categories that your computer has visited to customize the search engine and make it useful to you. To make sure there are no surprises in terms of what you get, it is recommended to register with the search engine or try it out for a while. Otherwise, you’ll find out how much information Google has, and how you can customize it to personalize it to your own needs.

These privacy-oriented features are available to all SRWare Iron users. Most novice users might not know what they can be used for, so they need to be aware that whatever they do online, Google has access to the information and is able to learn about their preferences and background.

Privacy-oriented features for SRWare Iron

Include the ‘close tab’ when you close a tab
The ‘close tab’ feature will help you protect your privacy as it will close all the tabs that you do not need so that privacy will be preserved.

Revoke the last site visited
If you have never visited a particular website previously, or always wondered where you have been looking for information, the ‘revoke the last site visited’ option will help you find the answer.

What’s New In?

The latest Chromium-based browser in the market is Chrome 80. Although it may not meet all your needs, nevertheless there are still a lot of valuable features you can count on. With over 10 million daily users, it is certainly a leading browser.
To distinguish this browser from Chromium, the browser maker released it as Chrome OS 80, without the Chromium or Chrome in its name. Users had a hard time remembering how to spell and pronounce it.
Let’s take a look at Chrome OS 80 features that would help you make the most out of it.
It is built with the latest web technologies
Unlike some other browsers, Chrome OS 80 is powered by Google’s “V8” JavaScript engine. This has allowed for both performance and performance improvements.
Also, it does not use WebView, the Chromium-based browser technology that is known to be slower than its original JS engine.
It is faster to load pages
While it may seem like a dubious reason to purchase the browser, speed has been one of the key factors that could turn people away from using Google Chrome browser.
However, this time around, you will not have to count the seconds of loading. As Chrome 80 offers you a blazing fast web page loading experience.
It has made it possible for pages to load in just five seconds on some devices.
Of course, you might think that the speed is just an illusion, and you will be right. After all, the page may still look slow.
Nevertheless, the mere fact that you can have an immediate visual feedback on what you are about to experience is already worth a lot.
Enhances web security
Security is always crucial if you are going to download and surf the web. Chrome 80 is known to be more secure than the older version.
Even if the browser uses the Google Safe Browsing technology, Chrome 80 makes it harder for websites and apps to be classified as unsafe.
As a result, you can safely add more than 200 URLs to the safe browsing list directly from the browser without receiving warnings or security prompts. This is a big plus especially if you are concerned with visiting websites and software that are not completely safe.
Smooth VR experience
One last thing that could not be covered by the previous features is VR compatibility. This is where Chrome 80 shines. By now, most VR compatible devices have some form of a browser to

System Requirements:

Supported OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
Installed Steam
The recommended PC specs for the retail version of Star Wars: Battlefront 2, should be able to run the game, however we do not recommend them for the Origin Access PC beta version.
OS: Windows 7
OS: Windows 7 Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E2140 @ 2.53GHz or equivalent
Intel Core 2 Duo E2140 @ 2.53GHz or equivalent Graphics: GeForce GTX 550 Ti

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