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Jaco Beach

Travelers from all over the world enjoy the eclectic mix of experiences in downtown Jaco, Costa Rica

Jaco Beach, Costa Rica

On the mid-Pacific coast, Jaco is the nearest beach from San Jose (Puntarenas does not count, as it is polluted.) Jaco is as popular with the locals as with tourists, so plan ahead for weekends and major holidays.

Jaco Beach Costa Rica

Jaco Beach Costa Rica

There is plenty to do in town and on the curving stretch of sand. Surfing, fishing, swimming and canopy tours are all nearby. Nonstop nightlife and a variety of hotels, resorts and villas make this an excellent vacation destination.

It is just a ninety minute ride by car or tour bus from Manuel Antonio National Park. Or you can visit the nearby Tarcoles River to see the giant salt water crocodiles beneath the bridge.

Kayaking on the river or along the beach is only one of many aquatic adventures available from this town

Activities are also available.

Jaco Beach has a variety of options and attractions that you can enjoy during your stay, this beach is considered a sun and beach destination, but here you can enjoy natural and adventure activities for all its visitors; You can find different tour operators, who will offer you the best options to do, you can enjoy:

Small list of Tour and Activities List

  • Canopy or zip line.
  • ATV Tours. (All terrain vehicles)
  • Horse riding
  • Observation of dolphins and whales.
  • Scuva Diving
  • Kayak and tuba
  • Sport fishing

Surf Lessons, which is the most popular activity in the area.
You can also visit some of the destinations near Jaco Beach, such as Playa Hermosa, which like Jaco has impressive waves to surf; This beach is the headquarters of the International Mercury Championship every year.

catamaran to tortuga island from jaco beach

catamaran to tortuga island from jaco beach

You can choose to visit Tortuga Island on daily catamaran trips or visit a crocodile safari on the Tárcoles River; besides being able to go to the Carara Biological Reserve, which is located less than 10 kilometers from the beach of Jaco; It is home to many mammals and a lot of different species of plants and trees.


You can go to Playa Herradura, which is only seven kilometers north of Jaco, this beach has a quieter atmosphere, you can also visit Quepos, Manuel Antonio or Puntarenas.
Shopping for souvenirs, clothing, arts and crafts and other items is another of this town’s many attractions. The main drag is lined with shops offering all kinds of things, from expensive jewelry to budget gifts.

Dining opportunities abound. You can find Peruvian, Oriental, seafood, Mediterranean — the assortment of restaurants is unmatched by any city outside San Jose.

The key thing to remember about Jaco is that this is a party town, almost all-year long. During high season, you will find plenty of people in the streets and bars until dawn, while others prefer to watch the sunrise from the shelter of a palm tree on the beach. (If you want to avoid the hustle and bustle, get a room on the south end rather than near the heart of the action, which starts just south of the Best Western.)

The turtle hatchery is administered by the public force of the community. There are about 50 parrot nests per season on this beach.

Species: Lora

Nesting period: June to November, October being the highest peak.

Where can I see the massive arrival of turtles in Costa Rica?

Remember that the only public place where you can watch the massive arrival of turtles is at Ostional, where thousands of Kemp turtles come to lay eggs, in a unique natural spectacle. The nesting arrival is only made by this species during the waning moon. The best way to know when this unique phenomenon will occur is to call the Ostional Development Association because they have a chart with the week of the month in which the arrival occurs, according to the expectations of the moon. Usually, this phenomenon occurs between June and November, mainly in October.

What other place is famous for turtle nesting?

Tortuguero de Limón in the Caribbean of Costa Rica is the most intense nesting site for green turtles in the country. Nearly 30,000 turtles can arrive throughout the season. The majority of the turtle tourism operation takes place on the public beach, which runs from the edge of the town of Tortuguero to the mouth of the river. The most intense nesting season occurs between the second and third week of September.

Do you want to volunteer to help turtle conservation?

Latin American Sea Turtles is a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of sea turtles. This  offers a volunteer program in Costa Rica, which consists of living and sleeping in the community, while performing a series of activities related to conservation, such as beach cleaning, care and management of the nursery. or mark and measure turtles. It is an action project that aims to improve the health of the planet.

If you agree to volunteer, the community will pay for accommodations and meals, while sea turtles from Latin America will be responsible for training you. At the end, you will receive a certificate of participation. The minimum time to volunteer is one week.

Information Source: Latin American Sea Turtles

The city of Jaco is a busy and lazy city on the beach, on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, where many visitors end up staying longer than expected. The culture of the surfers, the beach atmosphere and the noisy nightlife make Jaco the capital of the country’s vacations.


Jaco is only 75 minutes from San Jose, but our drivers or drivers will be happy to take you from anywhere in Costa Rica to Central Jaco.


Get ready to see the sin city of the Central American style berry party! When the sun rises, there are hot beaches and cold drinks.


Whether it’s fishing with or an all-terrain vehicle or taking a zip line, Jaco’s pleasure never stops. At night, Jaco becomes a thriving jungle of entertainment. But no matter the moment, you are always in the presence of beautiful women who use almost nothing … Or better yet … Nothing! Jaco is a city where your wildest fantasies come true and Bay’s farewell puts you at the forefront of the show.


While the sun shines and the girls gather on the beach, make your initial entry into the bar of the corral. It’s an open AI-bar beach with live music and is famous for its happy hour. All kinds of partygoers gather at this place during the day and make rounds at the beach bar and back. Take a shawl and take a look at all the beautiful landscapes.


Boundng beach bodies are everywhere. We hope you brought a sunscreen because you do not want to blow it when the blonde asks you to put something on her back!
While you are hanging on the beach, take a surfboard and place 10 on the famous waves of Jaco. or if you are lucky enough to be in Jaco during the beauty contest, be sure to visit a winery before entering.


This city attracts surfers … men and women from all over the world. If you’re not familiar with surfing chicks, in a word, they’re: “totally crazy, buddy!” They adapt to the right so that Jaco is a beacon for most of the world’s girlfriends.


While the drinks continue to flow and watch the sunset over the Pacific, Jaco begins to show his wild side. Go to the monkey bar to follow the emotion. It is an energetic bar with lots of dancing and drinks and an elegant VIP section. Music oscillates between hip-hop and reggaeton and women here, as if to shake what mothers give them. It is the perfect place to meet girls who are looking for a good time.


Beatle Bar is another bar highly recommended. This bar has more of a classic rock vibe and is a festive destination well known to locals and foreign travelers alike. There they will meet all kinds of women and almost all are eager to meet you.


If you already have the monkey bar, Los Amigos is a good alternative with the added element of an excellent first course and drink. Friends is another safe blow to meet nice women and enjoy good drinks. Another option is a bar called Plankton, another fun dance floor with excellent special drinks that has a Miami vibe.


Meet at the base of the Bachelor House Party Hotel Cocal Bay and Vista Mar, where you can play slots and Texas Hold’em until dusk. Cocal is always good for live music and amazing food and good conversation at the Tiki Bar Enjoy a clip in the pool until the sun goes down when you have the party clothes ready for rock!


A kick in the game to a higher level by stopping one of Jacob’s most incredible clubs. The Loft offers an incredible VIP service where you and your friends can celebrate like royalty.


Electronic music and modern decoration make this club one of our favorite places in Jaco. You and your friends will be in the center of attention when making your VIP ticket. Within the ladies of the club, they lined up to meet him. Remember that sometimes it’s better not to remember your bachelor party!

The most popular clubs in Jaco Beach in Costa Rica are Monkey Bar, Beatles Bar, Friends Bar, Loft, Plankton and Malecón.

The nightlife in Jaco Beach is endless; If you like hip hop and high energy, Loft is for you! If you and your team want to dance all night drunk with tequila, then you are advised to go out to the monkey bar for a fantastic time! Friends have a feeling of slowdown, so when you feel like having a little fun with some locals and maybe a little pool, it’s a good idea to start here!

Drinking on the beach with live music and good food is part of the Malecón experience! When doing a pub tour with your friends, you can not forget Plankton Whid1 is the main clubbing area in Jaco Beach.

Plankton is the first bar to open in Jaco Beach. Enjoy VIP access to the Monkey Plankton Bar, or The Loft through Bad1elor Bay Party. Last but not least, go to The Beatles bar … and tell what’s happening at The Beatles Bar in The Beatles Bar!

The most popular bounce point in Newer Bay to send customers to Hotel Cocal is where the migration took place inside Jaco. To find the most beautiful ladies, go to the Hotel Cocal, where you will find slot machines, poker, live music, good food and great women.

A bachelor party in Jaco Beach is not complete without a party at the Cocal Pool, where the wildest parties reach the summit.

Jaco Beach & Los Suenos Fishing

Jaco Beach Fishing

Los Sueños is the ideal place for the widest variety of fishing trips.

With plenty of boats leaving Los Sueños Marina every day, you can “hang out” with an expert captain ready to take you to the sea.

It does not matter if you are a professional or total fishing lover, we have a boat and a captain with your budget and your skill level.

You’re not going to leave Costa Rica with an empty lure!

Tortuga Islan Catamaran

Tortuga island day tour

Enjoy a day in the sun on board a catamaran. Sit in one of the freshwater pools or enter one of the giant nets overlooking the ocean as you cruise the calm waters of the Gulf of Nicoya on your way to the beautiful white sand beach dotted with palm trees on Tortuga Island. Catamaran is equipped with a bow ramp to safely disembark its passengers directly on the beach of Tortuga Island. The catamaran is equipped with two freshwater pools and two giant hammocks perfect for sunbathing on its large front terrace.

White Water Rafting

Rafting Trips

Gather your friends and form a link forever by traveling through the white waters of Costa Rica’s waters. Choose your choice from one of the three rafting rivers, Naranjo, Savegre and Pacuare. It is essential before leaving Costa Rica. The best rafting in Central America. You can not lose that.

Navigate level 3 or 4 rapids, depending on the time of year, water and your preferences
Earn human points for a man who handles a challenging nature in one of the top ten river destinations in the world
Admire the waterfalls and impressive canyons at the bottom of the mountains
Become an experienced gal after crossing Jaco Beach!

Manuel Antonio National Park

Manuel Antonio

Visit to Manuel Antonio National Park. Exotic and impressive once in a landscape of life. Take a look at one of the most beautiful national parks in the world.

Welcome to many different species of animals and some unique birds in Costa Rica only.

Take a tour of the park with one of our expert tour guides Meet 109 mammal species and 180 bird species Browse the park and discover the different ecosystems of the Costa Rican rainforest, Relax on the two white sand beaches that Manuel Antonio offers its guests Swim in the warm waters of the Pacific on this incredible peninsula