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FWsim Pro

Quickly simulate fireworks using a proprietary “look at” technique to see how fireworks will look before it ignites. }

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The following products have been released to fix the glitches of FWsimPro and provide some useful features to the users:
Everyone who has ever created a fireworks display has probably struggled to find the right combination of fireworks, from fuses to colors. However, creating a display can be very difficult, and even when you’ve got everything just right, time-consuming editing processes can be a hurdle for beginners.
The fireworks simulation software included in FWsimPro ­ makes it easy to create fireworks displays, even with a simple array of components.
FWsimPro’s intuitive interface makes it easy for novice users to create and edit fireworks, and its powerful and easy-to-use tools make it fast and easy to experiment and perfect your displays.
The following are the key features of FWsimPro:
– Create and edit thousands of different fireworks elements, thousands of different configurations, and thousands of different displays.
– Create personal fireworks displays in minutes. When you create your own fireworks, you can save them as displayed elements or create display templates that you can apply to any number of displays.
– Instantly create new displays with the same component set from previous ones. You can keep using the same components over and over.
– Autosave your displays to one of the device’s storage folders. FWsimPro will automatically save display files on start-up, keeping your last creation safe and intact.
– Generate efficient, error-free FX files from your own designs. FWsimPro’s FX Editor combines Fireworks and Sonicfire Pro FX to make this an even more powerful way to edit fireworks.
– Add animations to components in your fireworks. Simply click on a component to create an animation, select the styles you want, and quickly preview your design.
– Add hundreds of FX, animation styles, and image effects to your displays. Whether you need a glittering pulse, a flames, a fade, or many other effects, they are easy to add.
– Choose from an extensive library of colors and colors with live preview. FWsimPro’s color pallet is complemented by an extensive color editor that includes live preview effects.
– Dynamically change the color, scale, or rotation of an object. FWsimPro makes it easy to change the scale and rotation of fireworks elements, and preview your changes as you go.
– Make fireworks explode, or shoot out of the display

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